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  • Trains you to prepare income tax returns for individuals and small businesses.

  • No previous experience in tax preparation or accounting necessary!

  • You set your own pace … So you may finish in as little as 2 weeks!

  • Available 24-7 with all materials at your fingertips.

  • Lifetime access--you can access the course for forever!

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This section will include straightforward facts about what’s included. This is not the area to talk up “benefits” or non concrete features.

  • Step by step skills to prepare tax returns

  • 13 chapters and over 20 hours of video training

  • Online textbook (available to download)

  • Lifetime access to the content, and available online 24/7

  • Chapter Quizzes to test your knowledge and help you study!

  • Comprehensive final exam with immediate online grading

  • Certificate of completion upon passing the comprehensive final exam

  • TWO Bonus chapters!

Course Topics


But that's not everything.


    This bonus chapter teaches you how to take all this knowledge and START!


    A video course that teaches you everything you need to become an entrepreneur.


  • Carmen Mohan

    Founder & Instructor

    Carmen Mohan

    Carmen Mohan is the CEO of Straight Tax, a tax preparation office and Tax Pro On The Go, an income tax service bureau. Carmen has been a tax professional since 2013 building a tax empire that has a brick & mortar location and 5 satellite offices, through the years servicing thousands of clients.

    Her leadership development firm specializes in equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the training they need to develop to their own profitable businesses’ starting with an independent income tax firm.

    Carmen is the author of ebooks Entrepreneurship 101, Start Your Next Business in Only Ten Steps and Marketing Key$ Under $200. She’s a motivational and financial literacy public speaker and has more than 66,000 combined followers online.

  • Heather Ryan


    Heather Ryan

    Heather Ryan, EA is the owner of Tax Queen LLC, a tax firm supporting entrepreneurs. With years of experience in bookkeeping and preparing tax returns as a federally-licensed enrolled agent, Heather keeps up-to-date on current tax laws through continuing education. She continues to support her clients through educational blog posts and has written a book to help explain tax law to the small business owner. She currently travels full-time in an RV with her husband and two dogs exploring the greatness of North America.


Straight Tax was founded by Carmen Mohan in 2014 with the dream of being one of the leaders of tax preparation services in New York. Since the company's inception, they have made it their duty to not only provide quality service to customers but to give back to the community in a tremendous way as well. Straight Tax regularly organizes and sponsors several community events ranging from back to school backpack giveaways to local youth sporting tournaments. Straight Tax also provides free financial literacy workshops to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn strategies to help achieve success, along with Income tax preparation training and much more.

Straight Tax has helped hundreds of clients in the Suffolk, Nassau and Brooklyn area. We look forward to making you part of our next success story.


Grindaholik Media Group

Carmen passionately pour into us! She takes the time to teach and give in a way that is so valuable you can’t even put a price on it. She gives real gems! As a business owner and entrepreneur I have definitely been through the struggle and it was only due to a lack of knowledge. Carmen has a true gift


Carmen’s resources could not have come at a better time given I am starting my own business and with the tips and knowledge you are putting out there helps me grasp a firm foundation on where and how to start!
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  • 6,415 Satisfied Tax Clients

  • 800+ Annual Tax Clients

  • 200+ Tax School Alumni

  • 25+ Employees

  • 5 Live Courses

  • 5 Satellite Offices

  • 1 Brick and Mortar Tax Prep Office

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  • How long does it take to complete the Tax School course?

    You set your own pace, you may finish in as little as 2-3 weeks, as some students do… or allow yourself more time, if you desire. It depends on the amount of time you can devote to your studies, and on your individual speed of learning. We will work with you at whatever speed you find most suitable. You’ll have forever access to the course so it’s totally up to you!

  • How do I know the total cost of the tax preparation class … and how do I pay for it?

    The total tuition fees for the course is $199. There are no extras to pay for; no unpleasant surprises. This is cheaper than what you would pay to file your own taxes when you walk into one of these name brand offices, and yet it’s equipping you to do it for yourself and build a business with it. Our students report back that they’ve make back the cost of the course when they sign their very first client!

  • Do I need any knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting?

    Absolutely not. And you don’t need any experience in tax work either. Most of our students had no previous experience in tax work at all.

  • Do I need a high school diploma or a knowledge of math?

    If you’ve finished two years of high school, you’ve probably had enough formal education to enable you to complete the course successfully and establish a thriving tax practice. As far as math is concerned, thanks to the electronic calculator and tax softwares available its simple to prepare tax returns.

  • Must I obtain an IRS license or approval to prepare tax returns?

    The IRS requires that tax preparers register and obtain a preparer tax identification number (PTIN). You can obtain a PTIN by going to the IRS website at anytime. We go over all this in the course.

  • Why choose the Straight Tax Tax School with Carmen Mohan for training in tax preparation?

    Our comprehensive Federal Income Tax course text is written by our own instructors and is designed to impart to the student the knowledge needed to understand the theory and concepts of the US federal tax system. This gives the student the ability and confidence to give tax advice and prepare tax returns for clients and others. It is our goal to train our students so that they are proficient enough to work immediately after graduation. Other courses such as those given by nationally franchised tax return preparation services, are typically given only before the tax season and are designed primarily to train its students to work for the franchise on their proprietary system preparing simple individual tax returns, and more complicated returns are usually referred to the office manager. Instead, we show our students the whole picture and train them to build their own tax business. We also don’t play favorites--with our training you are equipped to get a job at any tax office in the country.

  • I have tax experience. How can this course benefit me?

    Almost one out of every three students comes to us with years of tax experience. These men and women rely on our training to update their knowledge, supplement their skills to meet new job requirements, and expand their opportunities for earning extra money. Since we are focused on entrepreneurs, we are with you every step of the way, helping you build your business and brush up on your skills. Plus, we’ve got all the details on the 2018 Tax Reform. You’ll be able to serve your clients well knowing that you’ve studied up on all the new laws and changes.

  • Do all students take the course with the intention of entering tax work?

    No. Although our training program was originally designed for the purpose of preparing our students for the tax profession, we have found that a sizable percentage enroll with the sole intention of handling their own personal or business tax matters. Many report substantial tax savings, greater peace-of-mind, and, frequently, sizable refunds obtained through re-filing tax returns for prior years.

  • What is the scope of your Income Tax Course?

    Our course is designed to train the student in Federal Income Tax law and procedures so that upon graduation he or she will have the knowledge and skill to prepare tax returns and render other tax services for all types of taxpayers, such as wage earners, salespersons, self-employed individuals, professionals, investors, home and rental property owners, farmers, etc.

  • How much does the average graduate earn during the first tax season after completing your course?

    While the first year’s earnings of our graduates range from several hundred dollars to as much as several thousand, there is no “average” graduate. The total earnings depend on many factors, such as the amount of time available, the geographical area, the type of clientele served, etc.

  • What type of clients can I expect to serve?

    A great many of the income tax returns filed are for low income, salaried individuals who have little, if any, outside income and few deductions. These are the simple, routine type of returns that provide the bulk of the business for the larger tax preparation chains. But as the taxpayers’ income increases, their sources of income become more varied. They are likely to invest or trade in stocks and bonds, they usually own their own home, and may also own rental property or have real estate investments, and so on. Correspondingly, they probably have a greater amount of and variety of deductions, tax credits, etc. Finally, you have the self-employed businessmen and women, professionals, or farmers who, in addition to their personal returns, are required to file various business tax returns. Many of our graduates find that the most satisfying challenging part of their business lies in serving these more lucrative types of clients but the course fully qualifies you to attract and serve all groups and classes of taxpayers.

  • Could I be a full-time Tax Consultant as soon as I graduate?

    Yes. However, it has been our experience that a full-time business is best accomplished as an outgrowth of part-time tax preparation. Generally, we recommend that you gain “on the job” experience gradually in order to develop your fullest potential. The typical tax practice grows at a yearly rate of 25 to 50 percent during the early years. But it should not be long before you will be ready to enter the business on a full-time basis, should you so desire.

  • How can I compete with CPAs and other accountants?

    Most accountant’s primary duties and sources of income are the preparation of financial statements, audits, installation and supervision of accounting systems, management and consulting services, and the like as well as complicated business tax returns. They are, as a rule, not anxious for tax return work for individuals because the seasonal rush interferes with their year-round practice.

  • What about competition from small tax practitioners and chain-store types of tax services?

    Competition in tax work is much less of a factor than in most other trades, businesses or professions. One reason is that the demand for professional tax services by far outstrips the supply. There simply aren’t enough tax men or women qualified to serve those looking for tax service during the height of the season. Then too, many of the self-styled “tax experts” serving the smaller taxpayer are poorly trained individuals frequently with outdated knowledge of tax laws and procedures. The chain tax organizations, with their impersonal assembly line, supermarket type of tax service mainly attract the low bracket, less lucrative type of taxpayers. We have found that even many of these individuals will gladly switch to a tax preparer who offers a more personal service at reasonable rates.

  • What if a return I prepared is audited by the IRS? Do I have to be a CPA or an “Enrolled Agent” to represent my client?

    No. If you prepared the return, a tax preparer may, under IRS rules, represent the client at the audit. There is a Tax Preparer hotline that you can access to receive further assistance with helping your client, as long as the client is present. The only function that requires CPA or Enrolled Agent status is practice before the IRS Appeals Divisions. And, even then you can accompany the client to explain the return and argue his case. Since only about 1 to 3 percent of returns are audited, and the great majority of those cases are settled at the audit, you will find this restriction to be of little practical importance.

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